Mathematics and Post-Classical Theory

November 16, 1993


Malcolm Ashmore (Social Sciences, Loughborough University of Technology, United Kingdom): "The Theater of the Blind: Debunking and the Social Production of Nonexistence";  Commentator: Seymour Mauskopf(History; Duke)

October 30, 1993

Symposium: Mathematics and Post-Classical Theory 

Andrew Pickering (Sociology, University of Illinois): "Concepts: Constructing Quarternions"

Arkady Plotnitsky (English and Comparative Literature, University of Pennsylvania): "Complementarity and Idealization"

Brian Rotman (Mathematics, Duke): "Mathematical Writing, Thinking, and Virtual Reality"

John Smyth (Literature and Languages, Bennington College): "Fundaments and Iterates (A Glance at Sunset in Wittgenstein, Shakespeare, Beckett, Cicero and Frege, and a Foray into Games)"

Commentators: Robert Bryant (Mathematics, Duke), Owen Flanagan (Philosophy and Psychology, Duke), David Morrison (Mathematics, Duke), Roy Weintraub (Economics, Duke) 

1994: Language Theory; Biology and Sexuality

March 17, 1994

Colloquium: "Passing Around the Gift: From the Economists to the Anthropologists to the Philosophers

Philip Mirowski (Economics and the History and Philosophy of Science, Notre Dame University); Commentator: Ken Surin (Program in Literature, Duke)

Co-sponsor: Department of Economics

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