Duke’s Center for Interdisciplinary Studies in Science and Cultural Theory sponsors an annual “Best Undergraduate Science Studies Senior Thesis” prize.

2017 Best Undergraduate Science Studies Senior Thesis: Jennifer Acosta, "Objective Subjects, Empirical Identities: Psychology's Measurement of Ethnic Identity and Critical Race and Ethnicity Theory" (Global Cultural Studies in the Literature Program)

2017 Best Undergraduate Science Studies Senior Thesis, Honorable Mention: Feiyi Kuai, "Breathing In and Shouting Back: Black Lung Disease and Neo-liberalism in China" (Department of Cultural Anthropology) and Indrani Saha, "Being Within: Disruption and Disorientation In Carlos Cruz-Diez's Chromosaturation" (Program II, Cognitive Aesthetics)

2016 Best Undergraduate Science Studies Senior Thesis: Julia Tuttle, "Drug Development for Neglected Tropical Diseases: DNDi and the Product Development Partnership (PDP) Model” (Department of Global Health).

2015 Best Undergraduate Science Studies Senior Thesis: Joseph Wu, "Pluralism and the Levels of Selection in Cancer" (Department of Philosophy).

The CISSCT co-sponsored Anthropocene Campus: The Technosphere Issue held April 14-22, 2016.  The Anthropocene Curriculum is a trans-disciplinary collaboration initiated by Haus der Kulturen der Welt and the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science around forty scholars from around he world, working in the natural, environmental, and social sciences, as well as the humanities, arts, and architecture.  Together with one hundred selected internal researchers from different fields as well as actors from outside of academia this program was put into teaching practice at the 2016 seminars.

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