2002-03: Classification

Natural Orders, Cultural Orderings: Classification & its Problems

March 21, 2002


  • Paul Griffiths (History and Philosophy of Science, U of Pittsburgh: 

“Emotions as Natural and Normative Kinds”; 
Respondent: Robert Brandon (Philosophy, Duke) 
  • Susan Leigh Star (Communication, U of California, San Diego: 
“Severe Chronic Pain as a Lived Residual Category”; Respondent: Judith Farquhar (Anthropology, UNC-CH) 
  • Harriet Ritvo (History, MIT): “Ordering Creation, Or Maybe Not: Varieties of Victorian Taxonomy”; 
Respondent: Priscilla Wald (English, Duke) 
  • Geoffrey C. Bowker (Communication, U of California, San Diego): “Classification and Process: The Case of Biodiversity"; 
Respondent: Brian Cantwell Smith (Philosophy and Computer Science, Duke)

Co-Sponsors: the Department of Philosophy and the Center for Reflection on Science and Technology